August 21, 2015

8 Reasons to To Update your Brand Identity

When you start a new business, it can be tough thinking of just the right name for the company and style of Corporate ID. Sometimes it’s rushed – and yet you’re stuck with it for a long time.

And so after a time, sometimes its no longer suitable – it’s just not fit for purpose any more – or maybe not even that – it just doesn’t look fresh any more.  You feel like it doesn’t represent what your company has become.

Here are 10 popular and worthwhile reasons for rebranding:

1 – It looks dated

Design styles change rapidly, so it’s obvious to spot a logo produced in the early 2000s – if you want your company to appear modern, it’s the first place to start

2 – Your services have changed

If your logo includes any specific icons and you have changed your offering or they’re no longer relevant, you may be able to get away with a small update.

3 – The business name has changed

This is very obvious! But you may not just want to just adapt the old logo and ID to the new name – it’s a great opportunity for a new approach.

4 – Need to update your slogan

Often you’ll have a slogan to accompany your logo – that further explains your business offer in a short meaningful way. And over time this offer may change – so you can just tweak part of the Logo identity without an overhaul.

5 – Your target audience has changed

The tone of the logo can change how people perceive you – for example the same writing can be designed in a fun and happy way – or in a more corporate

6 – It’s too fiddly

Intricate details in design are nice – but they don’t have many places in a logo. You need to it work as black and white, small, large – everything, and be recognisable as a shape.

7 – You designed it yourself

If you have a little experience in design, a homemade logo could be ok, but a professional eye can always take what you’ve done and improve it – for both legibility and versatility

And making sure it actually appeals to your customers.. Not just your friends and family

8 – You need square, long & icons versions

With so many social accounts, all needing different logo sizes and banner images – some need small square images, others need 1000px wide banner images!

It can be daunting task to make sure that your branding looks good, whatever the size and shape.

But It’s worth getting your brand right at all opportunities – and so having a logo and slogan that fits each instance should be a priority.

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