August 30, 2015

Why Is it Worth Having a Video for Your Local Business

For a local business – I understand a video production may seem like a big expense – and a bit daunting to go about if we’re honest. This is especially the case if your marketing is usually low key, such as a bit of local newspaper advertising – or you don’t advertise at all.

But with any local business, competition can be quite fierce.

And for a potential customer, on the surface, you may look quite similar to your competitors…

unless the person enquiring makes the effort to come and actually visit you – which is when of course they see your value proposition and USPs.

But you need to catch your potential visitors even before they plan a visit to your premises. How do you get more visits or more enquiry emails from potential customers?

And how do you get more customers, who have already part made up their minds, by the time they’re talking to you?

A video on your website gives you an instant edge and style.

– for a lot of local SMEs, the popularity of marketing video still hasn’t quite caught on for the local sector – or not as much as with larger companies.

It can be seen as a lot of effort to organise and with unknown results – but working with professional – this fear is mostly unfounded.

Online video has proven over and over again to have a good ROI and impact on your website presence.

Even so, these fears exist – so it’s still relatively new and exciting for small businesses to produce and feature a video online.

It doesn’t need to be long, just 1-2 minutes will do to show the world what you’re about and why a potential customer should pick you.

And of course, it should be professionally made – as a poor quality video, in terms of looks or content, can actually be detrimental to your online credibility!

There’s the obvious use – put it on your homepage, but a video is also a multi-purpose marketing tool.

As well as the website there’s your social media channels (you can upload directly to Facebook), upload to Youtube (which also boosts your website), any exhibitions, client meetings and more.

There’s also the possibility to get low-cost re-edits, to produce different versions you may require, from just 1 video shoot.

In a local marketplace – video is still not being fully used to its fullest extent – so get on board and show your potential customers quickly and with style – why you’re the one for them.

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