October 6, 2015

Why Post Production Matters

Why Post Production in Video Matters

Outside of the world of video production (which is indeed a very nerdy world!) you don’t hear about the term’ Post Production’ very often.
But in fact, it’s a vital part of video making – and is one of the most noticeable aspects for the end-user, which in most cases is a potential customer.

As a potential video buyer, post-production is something you need to be aware of when specifying a production company to make a video for your business.
Post Production is all the final touches – it’s the fine-tune editing, the colourising and comesticising, captioning, music, sound effects and animated graphics.

A final video can be ‘ok’ with limited post-production, maybe just a few quickly done captions – it’ll gain some acceptance. But will it achieve a good ROI? Will it wow people who watch it? Will it make your company look impressive?

If you see any professionally made video (not just your friend’s homemade job), it should include a number of these polished features – and the video will be much better for it!

Here are a few quick visual examples from a recent video to show you the impact post-production makes.

In most cases, the original HD footage is fine – it’s not awful. But the added colour, graphics, light and captions bring it to life:

The Importance of Post Production in Video

The Importance of Post Production in Video

The Importance of Post Production in Video

And for a bit of fun, here is the full impact and potential of full post-production and visual effects on a massive scale!


Next time you’re thinking about a promotional video for your company, take a look at the post-production quality of the video samples offered.

Do they make any real effort after filming and basic editing? Or is the footage not coloured balanced well and generally not thought about?

Could there be more additional graphics to support the most powerful statements and aid memory?

To see examples of Post Production in corporate video – head to our video production page.

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