Wigan Live Festival


Since 2013, we have produced the full branding design and video production for Wigan Live Festival – a  multi-venue music festival supporting live music in the North West and raising £1000s for a new charity each year.

We’ve design, print and promote all their gigs – producing leaflets, large scale banners and posters as well as creating their festival logo.

Each year our camera crew also film the festival to create a promotional video and build hype for the following year.

It can be quite a challenge covering 6+ venues in a day, but we manage to cover all the best parts to produce a really energetic and impactful event video, with a recent video reaching over 19,000 views on Facebook.

We have also been involved with the website and marketing for the festival – with audience figures rising hugely each year – we highly look forward to next year.

Wigan Live Festival Logo


Wigan Live Festival gives us total freedom to redesign the branding each year, so we decided to take a new approach and use illustrated elements in their graphic design this year.

The gigs often have a variety of music across all kinds of stages, so we wanted to show the intimate side as well as the larger scale gigs.


WLF - Leaflet Design 01
WLF - Leaflet Design 02


WLF - Event Video- Screen Shot
WLF - Event Video- Screen Shot
WLF - Event Video- Screen Shot
WLF - Event Video- Screen Shot
WLF - Event Video- Screen Shot
WLF - Event Video- Screen Shot


This year for the WLF graphic design, we wanted to take more fun and personal/local approach – due to an increasingly larger and diverse audience (not necessarily serious gig-goers).

We started out with a mindmap and open dialogue with the festival organisers so that the design reflected what their values are and what they feel the festival is.

We illustrated a set of bespoke and fun icons related to the festival and the Wigan community – can’t leave out a pie!


Leaflet Design
Leaflet Design
Leaflet Design


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