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We make the complex easy with explainer animation

Hello! We’re a UK-based animation and video studio specialising in animated explainer videos, marketing video and corporate video for business and organisations.

Our award-winning creative team love creating beautiful animations to explain products and services – so anyone can quickly understand how you help them. Each video is completely bespoke to your requirements.

In under 2 minutes, we quickly target customers’ problems or pain points, explain a workflow, and offer your solution. 

We can also offer alternatives, such as a shortened vertical version for use on Social Media, where we get the message super concise, with a video under 15 or 30 seconds.

We can help quickly articulate your offering and how you benefit your customers or service users with an explainer video.

Recent Explainer Videos

Explaining open banking
Helping care homes with software
Digitizing mailbox services
Discovering impact of brick and motor stores
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A flexible video solution

Explainer Animation Services

Our experienced studio team transform complex information into engaging, easy-to-understand narratives using the power of animation. 

We work with you collaboratively to tailor every aspect of your video, from script and design to animation style and post-production, to perfectly resonate with your target audience and evoke the desired emotions and outcome.

Multiple Formats

 Choose from full-length explainers to bite-sized social media versions (30-60 seconds) optimized for mobile viewing (vertical or square formats).

Series Creation

Effectively cover a range of products or services with a captivating explainer video series.

Engaging 2D Animation

Bring your characters and stories to life with vibrant colors and expressive movements.

Sleek motion graphics

Combine text, shapes, and animation for a modern and impactful presentation.


bespoke service

Custom Explainer Animation Service

We are experts at creating custom-made explainer videos and we don’t use templates. We work collaboratively and create the video with your brand, message, and buyer persona in mind – every video is bespoke.

Our motion designers work in a variety of modern illustration and design styles for animation and can adapt to suit your brand and company tone of voice.

We have a robust production methodology where we collaborate with our clients at every stage.

This thorough process leaves nothing to chance and ensures you give feedback and like what you see at every point. We love to delight.

Not only do we focus on the visual aspect of the animation, but we also work with top voiceover artists (with various accents and languages available), and use high-end music and sound design to help the audience feel fully immersed in the story.

You can also see our video portfolio page for a full range of video and animated explainer video styles.

A rigorous methodology
where you're involved at every stage

Our explainer video production process


Script & Planning

We discuss your goals for the video, and your intended audience. How do we entice and affect them? We also discuss where the video will be played and whether a sqaure, vertical or horizontal aspect ratio will be best for most engagement. 

Then when we have a solid base, we start with a creative script that aligns with your explainer video objectives and start work on the art direction. The script is an important base to create a video with impact.  


Written Treatment

From the approved script, we develop a detailed storyboard for the video; this is where we describe what we will want to see for each sentence or meaning – a written story of the video.


Style Frame Design

Next up is style frames. We develop 2-3 key scenes of the video in the intended style, complete illustration so that everyone is happy with the tone, colours and font usage before we draw the full animation.


Storyboard Design

For our explainer video productions, we go onto illustrate the storyboard in full so you can envisage the video and see the entire flow before we animate. 

Every scene we’ve described in the written treatment is illustrated for you to review. 



This is where the video comes to life, we animate the video and tie it all seamlessly together to create your story. Providing a fully polished explainer video, complete with music, voiceover, sfx and post production.


Final Amends and Delivery

Final amends and delivery is usually short and sweet. We also supply English captions as standard, free of charge for accessibility. 

Who can use Explainer video

Explainer videos are an incredibly versatile and powerful tool that can offer immense benefits to a wide variety of industries.
From healthcare to technology, from education to finance and much more.


Technology companies can showcase the features and benefits of their products or services, making complex tech concepts easily understandable for their target audience and driving interest and sales.

Charity & Non Profit

Charities and non-profit organisations can use explainer video to succinctly convey their mission, impact, and the importance of their cause to engage and educate their audience, ultimately inspiring support and donations.

Healthcare & Medical

 Healthcare organisations and medical companies can use explainer video to simplify complex medical concepts, showcase services or products, and enhance patient education to improve communication and foster trust with their audience.


The finance industry can use explainer video across retail banks, fintech, financial services and more to promote complex sales at a high level. 


Brands can use eCommerce explainer videos to showcase their product range and explain the benefits and features in a fun and lighthearted way. It can also be used for how to videos and more. 

Education & e Learning

Schools, colleges and universities can use explainer videos to promote courses, and services potential students and tutors

Recent Explainer Videos

Redefining money
Enhancing insurance
Supporting healthcare
Who we've worked with

Our Clients

Recently, we’ve created animated video productions for; Barclays, Visit Britain, Co-Op, Anglian Water, Easyjet, Blue Prism, Roche, O2, and many more.

Whatever kind of explainer video you need, we’d love to help you.

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Please drop us a line If you have an animation project in mind and you’d like a quick quote. Or if just want to have a chat about what’s possible please send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.