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We’re passionate about working in the healthcare sector, helping many leading organisations, charities and brands to inspire and engage audiences worldwide. We have a breadth of experience, with many years of creating medical and healthcare video productions.

Our video studio is here to you to demonstrate how you’re working to improve patient outcomes and change lives. We can do this in many ways, from a medical explainer video to a filmed patient case study and much more.

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Medical Video Production

We are a full video production company with extensive video experience within the medical and healthcare sector.

Our small, close-knit creative team works with you from the beginning with script and concept, right through to design, filming, editing, and animation. We have key approval stages throughout the project so that you are always up to date and like what you see. We have a wide range of video and design styles that can be suited to fit your goals.

Communication is important to us. With all of our videos, scripting is integral to not only getting the message right but to meeting regulations and compliance. We go through thorough planning and due diligence to help ensure no mistakes are made.

Brand / Promotional Video

A brand video is a great introductory tool to show patients and service users what your organisation is about and how you help. It amplifies your message and says what you do in a concise, heartfelt way.

We can film on your premises, we regularly in hospitals, offices, trusts, and more. A promotional video may be for promoting new facilities or technology or just your first video introduction for new customers or service users.

And we can also mix it with supporting graphics or testimonial pieces to give a full picture and aid memorability.

Animated Video

We’re animation specialists here, we’re known for animated explainer videos. In the healthcare industry, they are a great video tool for explaining trial results or a complex new technology that will improve processes. 

Animation can also be perfect for showcasing a patient journey, using character animation to make it personable and reatable. 

For a medical information video, the animation is also very effective. This is often a simple video to explain the side effects of medication or to share information with colleagues, patients or the public. We work with you to make sure it’s accurate and informative.

Case Study Video

A video case study that goes through from start to finish how your organisation helps patients and improves outcomes can speak volumes.

We work with you as a video partner to design questionnaires that bring out their passion through the interview, so it really shows in the video.

Hearing from those who use or receive your services gives real emotion and heart to a video. They know how they have benefitted best and can say it genuinely and beautifully.

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Bespoke Deisgn

Our award winning creative team design and illustrate in a variety of styles and can adapt to suit your company or charity tone of voice.  Any additional graphics or illustrations will always be made with your organisation’s branding in mind.

We have stacks of in house skills to create all kinds of video to fit perfectly with your message and goals.

Not only do we concentrate on the look and visual flow, but we also work with professional voiceover artists (with a variety of accents and languages available), and use high-end music and sound recording and design to help you feel fully immersed while you watch.

You can see our portfolio page for a full range of video and animation styles

Live Action Marketing or Training Video


Our video studio is based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, but our team regularly film all over the UK, so distance is no problem for us.

We can film your staff at your hospital, office or care home for example. Or if it’s a medical case study, customers and patients at their premises or home.

Our filming kit can range from the small and nifty, capturing as much as we can on a nimble rig to complete equipment, including lighting, backdrops and a set.

For larger productions, such as a promotional or brand advertising video, we can include a cast of actors or a presenter and green screen filming and filming locations.

Who we've worked with

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We’re lucky to have worked with many medical and healthcare clients such as NHS (and a number of trusts), Roche, The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, IMO,  Thermofisher, Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust Infocare, North West Ambulance Service, and Chronolife.

Whatever kind of video production you need, we’d love to help you.

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How long do Healthcare and medical videos take to produce?

For most filmed video projects we estimate between 6 weeks maximum. It often depends on how many filming days we need, and what extras are required, for example, a cast of actors or specific interviewees.

If it's animation, the duration is a few weeks longer, but it's much more dependent on the script length, basically, a 3 min animated video can take almost 3 times as long as a 1-minute video.

Part of what takes time is our client review stages, as we like to include the client throughout the project, and we find it's well worth any extra time taken.

It means at the end there are no hidden surprises or big amends stages, leading to frustrations and being nervous about hitting the deadline. You've seen the progress throughout, and now you're thrilled with the final video.

We can often tighten these timescales if needed - so get in touch and we will see what we can do.

What is the ideal length of medical video?

Usually, with video, shorter is always better! We generally find that you can say a lot in 2 minutes without becoming boring or losing the audience.

For promotional purposes, you want to be as concise as possible. You can go up to 3-5 minutes, but drop off rates tend to increase after that.

Social media videos are fairly short too - 30 seconds minute to 1/2 minutes.

If you have a lot to say, you may want to split the video into a series of 2 or 3 - and have 1 focus per video.

For training purposes, it still varies but time isn't as tight. But you don't want to lose the audience, so we would suggest a maximum of 10 minutes. Otherwise, they may not remember what they've watched. We make sure to include plenty of visual variety in training videos to keep the audience engaged. 

What involvement do I have in the video process?

the level of involvement depends on you. We do have approval stages at the script, written treatment, and edit. We find clients generally have a lot of input for our charity and non-profit video productions.

We like to keep the client involved, and if you have loads of ideas, we definitely want to hear them, we can incorporate them into the script and written treatment. The written treatment leads the whole video, what is written, and filmed and edited or animated.

If we're filming, we also want you there on the filming day (s)!  This is obviously important, but usually a fun day. Your eye and guidance on the filming day are often critical to having it exactly as you want.

If you can't make it to the video shoot, that is also fine and it does happen. You can trust us to film as you want.

If we're filming on your premises, you probably have some preparation to do, to make sure your staff and offices or site look exactly as you want them to.

How much does a healthcare or medical video cost?

There a few variables when it comes to video production and cost. Often, A key factor is the runtime length and number of filming days, a shorter video, filmed over 1 day is generally quicker to make. And for animation, the runtime length is a major factor.

The complexity can also affect the cost - for example, if you want a location for the shoot or actors, or want to film in multiple places over multiple days.

The preparation for this kind of production simply takes longer to do to get it right.

For animation, the design style also affects how long it will take to produce, a very simplistic 2D flat video takes less time than a beautifully handrawn flowing animation.

For us, the cost is very much directly related to the time spent on production.

In general, the cost would be £2k GBP minimum and we do offer a discount to charities and non-profit organisations.

What different medical video production styles are there?

This list is not exhaustive, but in general video production can be divided as follows:

Brand Video

Testimonial or Case Study Video

Medical Infomation Video

Educational Video

Social Media Video

Conference Video

Public Infomation Video

Medical Technology Video

Advertisement Video

What languages or accents can I have?

You can pick almost any language or accent you like. Being a UK video studio based, we automatically offer any regional UK accent, male or female sounding. But we also provide the USA and other English-speaking accents.
We're also very familiar with producing foreign language videos. We can completely localise it, rerecording the voiceover and changing any on screen animated captions. We've done this lately with French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek and way more.

If you plan to have the video in several languages, just let us know in advance, as it's good to accommodate this in the editing stage.

But we can also do simple foreign language subtitles afterwards in most languages and provide free English subtitles.

Who are Digital Finch?

We’re Harry and Victoria, and a close-knit crew working worldwide. We’ve been making videos for well over 10 years – it’s what we love to do and hopefully, it shows in our work. We also volunteer regularly and love helping in our community

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