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White Label Video Production Services

At Digital Finch, we are all about building great partnerships – whether it’s with our clients or with other creative studios and marketing agencies.

We know finding a reliable freelancer or video contractor is hard – we want to make your life easy.

We regularly work with and are trusted by many agencies in the UK and worldwide, in industries ranging from Branding & Graphic Design and Video Production to PR, Digital & Marketing, Website, Advertising, Events and more.

If you need a hand with video and animation production and would like to work with us – please drop us a line – we’re always looking for great new creative teams to work with.

You can hire us as a white-label service on a daily basis, and we’re generally very flexible to suit your needs.

Wide Range of Capabilities

Specialist video skills for your company

Video and animation is quite specialist and having someone with the in-house skill can be expensive and sometimes rare to find. And you may not need it enough to warrant hiring a team.  Using a white label video service like Digital Finch allows you to offer animation or video without the hassle of staff – making it easier, lower cost and time-saving. Most of the agencies who we work with on a white label basis have become long term partners with years working well together, providing a complete digital service for clients. 

We’re often brought in for the entire project – working from start to finish if you’re not familiar with video or animation process at all. 

We script, art direct, concept, create style frames and full storyboard designs, animate and post-produce. Including animated characters if needed. For animation, we work mostly in 2D, but we also have 3D capabilities.

We also film all over the UK with high end video and audio equipment, and edit and post produce filmed video productions regularly.

You can also just hire us for 1 or 2 elements of a large video project, for example, only the animation, edit or design stages if you do have some in house capabilities.

We respect your client and your deadlines. And our pricing structure for studios is simple, so you can get a quick quote whenever you need and mark up as you need.

So why not send us a message and easily expand your business offering. 

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A rigorous methodology
where you're involved at every stage

Our video production process



We start with a creative script that aligns with the client’s objectives and start work on the art direction. The script is an important base to create a video with impact. 


Written Treatment

From the approved script, we develop a detailed storyboard for the video; this is where
we describe what we will want to see for each sentence or meaning – a written story of
the video.



For our live-action video productions, We film with a 2 person crew. We’re friendly and hard-working. We can film anywhere, in studios, on-premises, or at home. 
We have high-end professional equipment – allowing us to capture a wide range of shots that
showcase the environment, vibes, and high-quality audio of any speakers.



For our animated video productions, we go onto illustrate the storyboard in full so you and the client can envisage the video and see the entire flow before we animate. 



This is where the video comes to life, we edit or animate the video and tie it all seamlessly together to create your story. Providing a fully polished video, complete with music, voiceover and post production.


Final Amends and Delivery

Delivery is short and sweet, most of our videos are horizontal, but if you want a vertical version then we will quickly create that. We also supply English captions free of charge for accessibility. 

Video Production Styles

Scope of Capabilities

Script Development
Concept & Art Direction
Written Treatment
Filming & directing
Design & Illustration
Character Design, Rigging & Animation
Video Edit
Stylised 3D Animation
Sound Design
Post Production
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