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We care about your cause, and we want to help.

We love working for non-profits, charities, and mission-driven organisations.

Working for the third sector or public bodies aligns with our company and personal values, as we genuinely care about helping others and want to help you make a difference.

We work together with you collaboratively to find the best way to increase awareness of your message and achieve your goals, whether they’re fundraising, attracting volunteers or just spreading the word.

By national standards, we’re affordable, and we respect your budget to make the most out of what is possible. Our experience means we never waste time or resources.

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Please drop us a line If you have a project in mind and would like a quote, or just want to have a chat about what's possible. We'll get right back to you.




We can help to find the right style of video production for you.

We provide a full end to end video service, starting with the strategy and script, right through to filming and edit.

Are you looking for a more general introduction to your charity or organisation with a brand video?

Will your customers or people who use your service say it better with a testimonial video?

Do you need to train staff about a new procedure in the workplace?

We can help guide you on what is the best route, whilst also taking into consideration your timescales and budget.



A brand video is a great introductory tool to show people what your organisation is about and what your values and aims are. Amplifying your message and say what you do in a concise, heartfelt way.

We film your staff, who can often say it best, and your premises or film on a site where your services usually take place.

Wigan & Leigh College - Rugby
Wigan & Leigh College - Rugby


Sometimes it can be a sensitive topic filming real people, so often an animated video is an excellent way to get around this – and convey a strong message without risk of identification, or alienating anyone.

Or you can use animation to add a touch of humour, whilst keeping it relatable. We often use animated characters to add a human touch and empathy to a story.


A case study that goes through from start to finish how you help people can speak volumes.

Hearing from those who use or receive your services gives real emotion and heart to a video. They know how they have benefitted best and can say it genuinely and beautifully.

Wigan & Leigh College - Rugby


We work in a variety of styles and can adapt to suit your brand and company tone of voice.  Any additional graphics or illustration will always be made with your organisation’s branding in mind.

We have stacks of in house skills to create all kinds of video to fit perfectly with your message and goals.

Not only do we concentrate on the look and visual flow, but we also work with professional voiceover artists (with a variety of accents and languages available), and use high-end music and sound recording and design to help you feel fully immersed while you watch.

You can see our portfolio page for a full range of video and animation styles


We are based in Wigan, in the North West, but our team regularly film all over the UK, distance is no problem.

We can film your staff at your premises. Or customers at their premises.

Our filming kit can range from the small and nifty, capturing as much as we can on a nimble rig, to larger equipment including full lighting and a set.

For larger production, for example, a promotional or advertising video, we can include a full cast of actors, or a presenter, and offer location hire.

Recently we’ve worked with; Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, The Mighty Creative, GlobalPlatform, Urbact, Wellcome Trust, and Wigan Youth Zone and public institutes such as Visit Britain, Abu Dhabi Department for Environment, Wigan & Leigh College, Preston City Council and many departments of the NHS.

Whatever kind of video you need, we’d love to help you.

Get in touch for a competitive quote


For most filmed video projects we estimate between 6 – 10 weeks. It often depends on how many filming days we need, and what extras are required, for example, a cast of actors or specific interviewee.

Part of what takes time is our approval stages, as we like to include the client throughout the project, and we find it’s well worth any extra time taken.

It means at the end there are no hidden surprises or big amends stages leading to frustrations and being nervous about hitting the deadline. You’ve seen the progress throughout, and now you’re thrilled with the final video.

We can often tighten these timescales a little if needed – so get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Usually, shorter is always better! We generally find that you can say a lot in 2 minutes without becoming boring or losing the audience.

For marketing purposes, you want to be as concise as possible. You can go up to 3-5 minutes, but drop off rates tend to increase a lot after that.

Unless it’s elaborate, social media videos are fairly short too.

If you have a lot to say, you may want to split the video into 2 or 3 – and have 1 focus per video.

For training purposes, it still varies but time isn’t as tight. But you don’t want to lose the audience, so we would suggest a maximum of 10 minutes. Otherwise, they may not remember what they’ve watched.

This depends on you. We do have approval stages, at the script, written treatment, and edit. We find clients generally have a lot of input for our corporate video productions.

We like to keep the client involved, and if you have loads of ideas, we definitely want to hear them, we can incorporate them in the script and written treatment! The written treatment leads the whole video, what is written, and filmed and edited.

We also want you there on the filming day (s)!  This is obviously important, but usually a fun day. Your eye and guidance on the filming day are often critical to having it exactly as you want.

If you can’t make it to the video shoot, that is also fine and it does happen. You can trust us to film as you want.

If we’re filming on your premises, you probably have some organisation t do, to make sure your staff and offices or site look exactly as you want them to.

There a few variables when it comes to an video production. Often, A key factor is length and number of filming days, a shorter video, filmed over 1 day is generally quicker to make.

The complexity can also affect the cost – for example, if you want a location for the shoot or actors, or want to film in multiple places over multiple days.

The preparation for this kind of production simply takes longer to do to get it right.

In general, the cost would be £1.5k GBP minimum

This is not set in stone, but in general video production can be divided as follows:

Brand Video

Testimonial or Interview Video

Educational Video

Social Media Video

Tender or Bid Video

Advertisement Video

We are very versatile. By default, you can pick any regional UK accent, male or female. But we also offer the USA and other English speaking accents.

We’re also very familiar with producing foreign language videos. We can completely naturalise it, changing the voiceover and any animated captions.  We’ve done this lately with Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek and way more.

Just let us know in advance, as it’s good to accommodate for this in the editing stage.

But we can also do simple subtitles afterwards in most languages too.

We’re Harry and Victoria, and a close-knit crew based in Wigan, UK, but working worldwide. We’ve been making videos for over 10 years – it’s what we love to do and hopefully, it shows in our samples. We volunteer regularly and love helping in our community



Wow I love it. Made me go goose bumpy !! I’m so proud of us !! Can’t imagine what we would change.

Arc Window Films

Really happy with that! Really well edited, and the content is perfect!


Thank you to you and your team for all of your hard work and efforts on the video, looks great and a well polished production finish.

DT Engineering

I ran the video past a friend at the BEEB and he thought we were a multi-million pound organisation!! So good job 🙂

iCandi Apps

The finished product was exactly what we were after. In a word, delighted! I will definitely be working with you again in the future.

European Space Agency

You have done a great job. Sound, music, polishing of the footage – all nicely done, giving the video a nice look and feel.


We were massively pleased with the video that you made for us, and we would not hesitate to work with you in the future.


Please drop us a line If you have a project in mind and would like a quote, or just want to have a chat about what's possible. We'll get right back to you.

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