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Break through the noise and effectively communicate your technology or software with the power of video.

We are a professional UK-based animation and video production studio with over a decade of experience crafting award-winning explainers and animated videos for leading Fintech, SaaS, Blockchain, Data, and Software and app technology companies for brands and organisations worldwide.  

Ready to elevate your brand message and connect with your audience in a meaningful way?

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Recent Tech Videos

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What our clients say about us

I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you have done on the latest video. I think it’s amazing. So creative! Love the 3D aspect in places.

You really step up on each project and think this is outstanding work!

Really really creative storytelling and visually mind blowing. LOVE IT!

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Why Tech Companies Need Video Production

In today’s fast-paced, information-saturated landscape, capturing attention and effectively communicating your technology is crucial for success. That’s where video production shines.

Simplify a Complex Offering

We create clear concise scripts - the foundation of any video to break down intricate features and functionalities of your tech product or service into engaging visuals and narratives, fostering clear understanding for a wider audience.

Boost Engagement & Conversions

Video content holds inherent captivation. Compelling videos grab attention, hold viewers' interest, and make learning about your technology solution enjoyable. This means increased brand recall, higher engagement, and improved conversion rates.

Showcase Innovation & Differentiate Your Brand

We can bring your tech story to life with visually stunning animations or live-action demonstrations. Highlight the unique value proposition of your product and distinguish yourself from competitors through captivating storytelling and bespoke design.

Multi-Platform Versatility

Extend your reach across various marketing channels. We can create a shorter or vertical version to publish your videos on your website, landing pages, social media platforms, and video-sharing sites to reach a wider audience and maximise impact.

Video styles

What kind of video production do you want?

You can trust us to find the right style of video production for you. We regularly work in various sectors within the technology sphere, from software and apps to e-learning, SaaS, fintech, hardware, and more. 

Our UK-based video studio provides a complete end-to-end video service for filmed videos and animations. 

We create a wide range of video formats for showcasing new technologies, from eye-catching animation to dynamic filmed content, ensuring your message engages your audience.

Are you looking for a brand story for your company with a brand or overview video?

Do you have something complex you need to explain with a bespoke explainer animation?

Will your customers say it better with a testimonial or case study video?

Do you have a product launch that needs to wow your audience? 

Do you need to train staff or customers how to use a platform?

Need help choosing the right video format for your needs? Our team is here to guide you based on your goals, budget, and timeline.

Video Production

Social Media
Video Production

Testimonial & Interview
Video Production

Customer Training

Product Demo Video

Animated & Explainer
Video Production

Internal Comms
Video Production

Company Culture Video


A brand video is a great way to showcase your company’s, mission, values, unique voice, and personality while addressing your target audience’s needs, desires, and pain points.

We work with you to create a compelling company story that shows just how innovative you are. A professional brand video encourages emotional connection and brand recognition.


Explainer animation is a perfect solution for many technology companies. Every day, we create explainers that are designed to explain a product, service, concept, or process clearly and concisely. We simplify complex platforms and services to showcase the benefits in a clear and easy way.

We use our entensive experience and skills for our technology and sofware clients to break down complex features into easily understandable visuals and narratives.



Build trust and credibility with a testimonial video. Hear from real people about how your technology solution has impacted their work in a positive way.

Putting a real face to an online solution can help bring some emotion and trust that sometimes graphics can’t do. 


A rigorous methodology
where you're involved at every stage

Our video production process



After a full briefing, we write a creative video script that aligns with your objectives and start to work on the art direction. The script is an important base to create a video with impact. 


Written Treatment

From the approved script, we develop a detailed storyboard for the video; this is where
we describe what we will want to see for each sentence or meaning – a written story of
the video.



For our live-action video productions, We film with a 2 person crew. We’re friendly and hard-working. We can film anywhere, in studios, on your premises, or at home. 
We have high-end professional equipment – allowing us to capture a wide range of shots that showcase the environment,  and high-quality audio of any speakers.



For our animated video productions, we go onto illustrate the storyboard in full so you can envisage the video and see the entire flow before we animate. 



This is where the video comes to life, we edit or animate the video and tie it all seamlessly together to create your story. Providing a fully polished video, complete with music, voiceover and post production.


Final Amends and Delivery

Delivery is short and sweet, most of our videos are horizontal, but if you want a vertical version then we will create that. We also supply English captions free of charge for accessibility. 

Recent Tech Videos

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Technology for Finance industry
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Bespoke Technology Video Production Service

Our versatile creative team can design and illustrate in various styles to perfectly match your brand identity and voice. Whether you’re looking for animation or filmed video, all visuals will seamlessly align with your campaign branding and feel modern and dynamic.

Collaboration is at the heart of our process. We provide art direction style frames before finalising the illustrated storyboard, ensuring you’re happy with the designs from the beginning. Your input is essential, and we want you to be excited with project every step of the way.

Our team possesses the expertise to create a wide range of videos that perfectly align with your message and goals. We go beyond stunning visuals:

  • Professional voiceover artists: We collaborate with talented individuals, offering diverse accents and languages to deliver your message with clarity and impact.
  • High-quality sound design: Our team crafts immersive soundscapes that elevate your video and keep viewers engaged.

Explore our portfolio to see the full range of our work and discover how we can transform your message into a powerful video story that resonates with your audience.

Software for the rail industry
Brand video for managed financial services
Promoting Business Operating Platform-as-a-Service

Filming & Live Action Video Productions

Our video production studio is based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, UK and our professional team regularly travels across the UK and beyond to bring your creative vision to life.

We offer flexible filming options to suit your needs. We can film your staff at your premises, or capture customer experiences in their own work environment.

Our equipment setup adapts to each project. We use compact, efficient rigs for smaller video productions, ensuring agility and ease while capturing high-quality footage.

For larger-scale promotional or advertising videos, we can incorporate a full cast of actors or a presenter, and offer location or studio hire based on your requirements.

Who we've worked with

Our Clients

Recently we’ve been lucky to work with many innovative tech companies including; CACI, Dell, GDIT, Delta Capita, Ital, Travelport, Soteria, Safe, Malvern Panalytical, Prytek, O2 and many more. 

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How long to videos take to produce?

For most filmed video projects we estimate between 6-8 weeks maximum. It often depends on how many filming days we need, and what extras are required, for example, a cast of actors or specific interviewee.

If it's animation, the duration is similar, but it's much more dependent on the script length, basically, a 3 min animated video can take almost 3 times as long as a 1-minute video.

Part of what takes time is our client review stages, as we like to include the client throughout the project, and we find it's well worth any extra time taken.

It means at the end there are no hidden surprises or big amends stages, leading to frustrations and being nervous about hitting the deadline. You've seen the progress throughout, and now you're thrilled with the final video.

We can often tighten these timescales if needed - so get in touch and we will see what we can do.

What is the ideal video length for a tech company

Usually, shorter is always better! We generally find that you can say a lot in 2 minutes without becoming boring or losing the audience. The optimal runtime is 90 second. 

For promotional purposes, you want to be as concise as possible. 

Social media videos are fairly short too - 1 minute and under is a great aim.

If you have a lot to say, you may want to split the video into 2 or 3 - and have 1 focus per video to create a cohesive series.

For training purposes, it still varies but time isn't as tight. But you don't want to lose the audience, so we would suggest a maximum of 5-10 minutes. Otherwise, they may not remember what they've watched.

What involvement do I have?

This depends on you. We do have approval stages at the script, written treatment, and edit. We find clients generally have a lot of input for our charity and non-profit video productions.

We like to keep the client involved, and if you have loads of ideas, we definitely want to hear them, we can incorporate them into the script and written treatment! The written treatment leads the whole video, what is written, and filmed and edited or animated.

If we're filming, we also want you there on the filming day (s)!  This is obviously important, but usually a fun day. Your eye and guidance on the filming day are often critical to having it exactly as you want.

If you can't make it to the video shoot, that is also fine and it does happen. You can trust us to film as you want.

If we're filming on your premises, you probably have some organisation t do, to make sure your staff and offices or site look exactly as you want them to.

How much does does a tech video production cost?

There a few variables when it comes to video production. Often, A key factor is length and number of filming days, a shorter video, filmed over 1 day is generally quicker to make. And for animation, the length is a major factor.

The complexity can also affect the cost - for example, if you want a location for the shoot or actors, or want to film in multiple places over multiple days.

The preparation for this kind of production simply takes longer to do to get it right.

For animation, the design style also affects how long it will take to produce, a very simplistic 2D flat video takes less time than a beautifully handrawn flowing animation.

For us, the cost is very much directly related to the time spent on production.

In general, the cost would be £2k GBP minimum organisations.

What different video styles are there?

This is not set in stone, but in general video production can be divided as follows:

Brand Video

Testimonial or Interview Video

Product Video

Explainer Video

Educational or Training Video

Social Media Video

Tender or Bid Video

Advertisement Video

Internal Comms Video

Event Video

What languages or accents can I have?

We are very versatile. Being a UK based video studio, you can pick any regional UK accent, male or female. But we also offer the USA and other English speaking accents.

We're also very familiar with producing foreign language videos. We can completely localise it, changing the voiceover and any animated captions.  We've done this lately with Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, French Greek and many more.

Just let us know in advance, as it's good to accommodate for this in the editing stage.

But we can also do simple subtitles afterwards in most languages too. We also offer English subtitles free of charge. 

Who are Digital Finch?

We're Harry and Victoria, and a close-knit crew based in Wigan, UK, but working worldwide. We've been making videos for over 10 years - it's what we love to do and hopefully, it shows in our samples. We volunteer regularly and love helping in our communities. 

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Please drop us a line If you have a project in mind and you’d like a quick quote. Or if just want to have a chat about what’s possible please send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.