Attracting Investors & Customers with ESG Video

ESG Video Production is becoming increasingly popular to demonstrate your commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. It uses storytelling and inspiring visuals to showcase this commitment in an exciting and transparent way. As a quick reminder, ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It’s a framework used to assess a company’s impact on the world around it, following three key areas:

Environmental (E): How a company affects the environment, including energy use, pollution, waste management, and resource conservation.

Social (S): A company’s relationships with its employees, customers, and communities. Covering labour practices, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement.

Governance (G) refers to a company’s leadership, ethics, and internal controls. Transparency, accountability, executive compensation, and board composition are all part of good governance.

Why is ESG Important for Businesses?

Why should your business care about ESG? It’s not just a trend—it’s becoming essential for success, signalling to investors and consumers alike, and is also increasingly required by law. Many investors now prioritise ESG factors alongside financial performance as strong ESG practices signal sustainability and less risk. Consumers are increasingly make purchasing decisions based on a company’s social and environmental responsibility, so a strong ESG profile attracts and retains customers. And lastly, governments are becoming stricter on environmental protection, labour practices, and corporate governance. Being proactive with ESG can help navigate these regulations.

By taking ESG seriously, businesses can improve their financial performance, attract talent, build trust with stakeholders, and ensure long-term success.

Where does ESG video production fit into this? Video is proven to be an effective digital marketing and internal communications communication tool – ideal for gaining new customers and helping to improve company culture – helping to attract and retain staff. 

Captivating video content that showcases your ESG efforts, you can :

Here are some of the reasons and ways to use ESG video production

Showcase Commitment to Sustainability:

Demonstrate your company’s environmental initiatives, such as waste reduction and renewable energy use. This could be a short explainer video with bespoke illustrated designs that quickly emphasise these practices in a fun and engaging way with memorable statistics. 

Promote Social Responsibility:

You can use filmed videos to tell stories of your company’s positive social impact (e.g., community involvement, diversity and inclusion). These can be professionally filmed and edited for a more professional approach or quick UGC videos for social media. 

You can showcase ethical sourcing and labour practices for companies with a solid dedication to ESG. Going to the factories or workplaces overseas, speaking to the people behind your products or services, and giving them a face and a voice will positively impact customer decisions.  

Enhance Brand Reputation and Credibility:

By investing in professional and compelling ESG video production, you can position your company as a leader in ESG practices—standing out from competitors. Videos showing clear data and commitment will also help build trust and transparency.

ESG Video Production

What Makes a Great ESG Video?

Focus on Impactful Storytelling:

It’s important to have a narrative that resonates with your audience and highlights your ESG efforts in the right way for you. A professional video production company can offer a variety of ways to show this information best to fit within goals and budget. 

One approach could be a filmed video with stakeholders and staff members speaking from the heart about their experiences within the organisation and any group efforts (diversity or sustainability for example) for a more emotional, human-led video for the Social aspect of ESG. These can also be made into mini social media edits quite easily – making the video work harder.

Another alternative is an explainer-style animated video focusing more on design and data to create an engaging and informative video with the key facts. Showcasing your data easily to aid in bidding and raise consumer trust. An animation studio can make this info so that the content isn’t too dry and repetitive! Animated characters are also a great way of adding a more human touch to an explainer video.

These are just a few quick suggestions. Depending on your company brand, tone of voice, content, audience, and goals, there are many approaches to displaying this information dynamically in video and turning it into a personal story – something that resonates and doesn’t bore your audience. 

Transparency and Authenticity:

It’s essential to be truthful and data-driven in your video messaging. 

Avoid greenwashing when scripting and deciding visuals, and focus on genuine ESG initiatives; the more specific and less vague, the better. 

Greenwashing in business is still so common and harmful. It can massively harm your business, including your reputation and undermine your brand image – losing consumer trust if you are found to be exaggerating or even lying. 

Target the Right Audience:

Consider your stakeholders (investors, customers, employees, etc) and tailor your video message accordingly. What is the most crucial aspect of ESG for them, and why? 

Try to avoid making the video ‘catch-all,’ as you may not quite catch anyone. Instead, you can create a video series targeting each aspect and audience to tailor the message more effectively. 

Distributing your video on your target audience’s platforms is also worth considering. This consideration includes tailoring the content, video length, and aspect ratio to achieve the highest engagement on each platform, including social media. A professional video company can quickly advise and create these video versions. 

Digital Finch is a video production company experienced in creating impactful ESG videos for businesses and charities. We help businesses achieve their goals. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and for a quick quote.