11 Ways Healthcare Organisations and Medical Companies use Video Production (With Examples)

This blog post explores how healthcare organisations and medical companies can use video production to improve patient education, development, procedure demonstrations, health and wellness campaigns, social media and digital marketing, compliance training, and increase accessibility and inclusivity.

Through videos, healthcare organisations can enhance communication, streamline training, and promote services and products more effectively. We’ve also included some examples of these kinds of videos to help inspire you.

So, let’s discover these 11 ways how video production can benefit the healthcare industry.

1 Patient Education Videos

Patient education videos are one of the top reasons to have a video production for your medical company or healthcare organisation.

Compelling videos simplify complex medical information, explaining how to avoid risks, manage conditions, and access services etc.

A concise and clear video is much easier to digest than the standard overcrowded patient leaflets and can be accessed quickly with a QR code on a poster or as part of the leaflet handed out.

Patient education videos can be filmed in live action or presented as animation. This choice depends on preference, but animated videos can be helpful when it’s too tricky to film. For example, if some of the content is graphic or sensitive, then animation is perfect.

Patient Education video to help pregnant women avoid tears during birth
Short video to explain which services are most appropriate in which circumstances, from pharmacy to GP to A&E
Animation to explain the risks of a medication

2 Training and Professional Development

Training videos for medical and healthcare professionals are also powerful tools to ensure compliance, good practice, and company culture.

Video production for training healthcare professionals has many uses and benefits, including new staff orientation, continuing education, and procedural training. A video production company can also create compliance and regulatory training materials for medical staff, ensuring adherence to industry standards and guidelines. These can all be done with a video, allowing people to watch remotely at home. Using an interactive quiz at the end of the video ensures they absorb and understand the content.

3 Procedure Demonstrations

Medical organisations can use video to show demonstrations effectively.
When filming, you can use multiple cameras to catch the details and include supporting graphics and captions that need to be clear.
You can also use video to explain medical procedures, and how to operate any medical equipment to use at home.

Videos can be used to demonstrate medical procedures, surgeries, and techniques, providing patients with a better understanding of what to expect. These are often done as animated videos, as it is easy to change from real-life scenes or internal scenes to explain science, additional information, or any potentially graphic scenes.

Demonstartion video for at home health monitoring t-shirt
What to expect when getting radiotherapy for breast cancer

4 Social Media Video

Social Media Video production is a well-known strategy for any organisation or business – it’s proven.

Including professionally created video content alongside your UGC will elevate your social media channels and build credibility and consistency – particularly with a well thought out video series.

Including video content effectively on social media platforms will help engage patients, give out information, increase brand awareness, and drive website traffic.

Social video for self caretips when you’re feeling low

5 Testimonial Video

Patient testimonials and case study videos can be an effective tool for promoting your services or products.
Real people on camera bring real emotion, joy, and unexpected feelings – so it feels less corporate and more genuine than a voiceover and scripted lead video.
A suite of testimonial videos can bring credibility and trust to your practice, product or clinic.

6 Recruitment

Attracting and retaining top talent is crucial in today’s competitive healthcare landscape. Engaging recruitment videos can showcase your organisation’s culture, values, and career opportunities. Employee testimonials and facility tours can humanise your organisation and give potential candidates a glimpse into what it’s like to work at your organisation.

7 Health and Wellness Campaigns

Video production can be a great tool in promoting health and wellness campaigns, such as vaccination awareness, smoking cessation, and healthy lifestyle initiatives.
These can be filmed videos with people who have made lifestyle changes, such as testimonials or explainer-style videos that explain and promote the benefits of making a change.

8 Promotional Video

A professional promotional video on your website can capture the essence of the organisation, highlight your unique selling points, and create a lasting impression on the viewer. This kind of brand or promotional video can be a mix of the other types mentioned in this post. It can be a live action filmed brand video or like an explainer video. It can showcase a blend of state-of-the-art equipment, experienced staff, and patient-centred care to build brand awareness, showcase your expertise, and promote services to potential patients.

9 Software Video Production

Some companies create software to enhance medical workflows or better track services, for example, and this is where software video production can help the company better explain their product features and benefits to potential customers. By creating videos that quickly demonstrate how the software works and how it can be used, the company can help potential customers better understand the value of their product. Creating these kinds of videos can help you establish yourself as thought leader in your industry.

10 Case Studies and Success Stories

Case Study videos usually go further than a simple testimonial. They are often in a series, longer and go into more detail, perfect for the audience who needs to know everything.

A case study video provides real-life examples and includes any measurable outcomes and benefits.

Case Study for new technology in care homes

11 Accessibility and Inclusivity

Inclusive content is vital for any healthcare organisation. There are various ways to approach this, such as closed captions and audio descriptions, to ensure inclusivity for patients with disabilities or language barriers. You can include a BSL signer/interpreter fully synced to the video for further accessibility.
It’s also worth considering localising your video content into other languages if your audience doesn’t have English as their first language.

Localisation can be done with foreign language subtitles, a reasonably quick fix. You can include many subtitle tracks on one video so the user may select the appropriate language. It’s worth investing in a professional translation service so that words don’t get lost in translation and may become wrong or even offensive.

Or you can opt for complete localisation. A professional video company can do this by recording and replacing any voice and on-screen captions with the translated version – this will help it feel totally native to the viewer.

French language medical product demonstration video
Punjabi language patient information video production


We’ve looked at the various ways in which healthcare organisations and medical companies can use video production. We can see the benefits of professional video content, such as increased engagement, better patient understanding, and improved compliance and adherence to industry standards.

If your healthcare organisation are looking for video production services from a trusted company – please get in touch, we’d be happy to help