Animation is a memorable and engaging video solution.

It’s easy to explain the complex with an animated video or do something out of the ordinary to tell your story and catch people’s attention.

We’re an award-winning UK based creative animation studio, offering a full custom animated video service, and we’ve been doing it over ten years.

We work with leading businesses, brands, organisations and charities around the UK and beyond to help them with their explainer and animated video goals.


Our Animation Process

We’re experts at creating explainer videos that are short and catchy, and it’s no fluke.

Specialising in both the animation and the design aspect, we start with an in-depth consultation and keep an open dialogue throughout with key approval stages.

This is so you know what’s happening at every stage of the project.

For every video project, we start with a sketch, and design style frames and after that, we create a bespoke fully illustrated storyboard, so you can always see what it will look like. We find this helps to demystify the process for clients.

You can see the whole video beautifully designed and really get a feel for the story before we ever animate.

This methodology delights our customers; when they see the final animation, it’s just what they want and expect.


Please drop us a line If you have an animated video project in mind and would like a quote, or just want to have a chat about what's possible. We'll get right back to you.


Homeless Link

I want to start by saying what a great job you’ve done with the animation. All the feedback has been really positive. Overall we feel like your visual ideas and the quality of the animation have really brought the whole concept to life in a really warm and engaging way, so thanks for all your work on it.


Homeless Link

Wow! I love it. Really fresh and simple, and really effective in conveying its message. And I think the brand looks great throughout!

Yoga With Siobhan

I feel that you really got a feel for what I was after and that you genuinely cared about my vision for the design and came up with something perfect. You’re a great person to work with, very talented, a great communicator with great ideas. I am over the moon, I can’t thank you enough. I can’t wait to show it off now.

Urbact Network

We’ve really enjoyed working with you on this project and truly appreciate all the work and creativity you’ve put in creating these two brilliant videos! The feedback we’ve already received from our partners has been really positive and we are very much looking forward to sharing these videos with the wider audience of the Network

Delta Capita

A huge thank you for the superb videos.

Positive feedback received on the video – well done.

Thanks for your professionalism and quick turnaround.

It’s been a pleasure to work with you and looking forward to creating many more.


You really step up on each project and I think this is outstanding work!

Really really creative storytelling and visually mind blowing.



I have reviewed the video and am really pleased with how it looks and feels. It’s great, thanks again for another brilliant video.

Visit Britain

Feedback from the client was brilliant! She was really pleased with the end result so thank you both very much for your hard work and turning it around so quickly. Dream team! Thank you both! 🙂

Preston City Council

We couldn’t have dreamt our initial idea to look better – and we truly appreciate how you have captured the message that we wanted to share across. Many thanks again for everything, we think it is a brilliant video and we are looking forward to show it to our partners and share it!


We really like it! Once again – Great job you and your team!!!


We shared both films on Thursday with the key stakeholders and both of them went down an absolute treat! They’re all really pleased with the pieces and how they’ve come together (especially in the tight time-frames) – so thank you so much for pulling it off!


Always such a pleasure to work with you!


That’s great, thanks for all your hard work on this! I am very proud of how this video turned out and I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Fantastic! Many thanks Harry, you have been a pleasure to work with


Company Story Video
Halo – Illustrated Style Frame for Animation
Explainer Video
demo video
Demo Video
Educational Video
Video series
Video Series
Safe - Style Frame Design 01
Video Advert


Our expert creative team will help to find the right style of animated video production for you.

Our studio provides a full end to end animation service, which starts with the script, art direction and concept.

Are you looking for a flat 2D approach – like a shorter, more simple explainer video?

Or do you want animated characters to tell an emotive human story?

Or something ultra-modern and highly conceptual to excite and intrigue the audience – when you’re talking about something that’s not so tangible?

What design or video style you pick will partly be based on your message, your target audience, where the video will be played, your branding and more.

We can support and guide you on what video style is most suitable, whilst also taking into consideration your timescales and budget. We don’t waste your time or money.


Where will the video be played?

Where you want to use the video, and who you want to see it, can also have a significant impact on what the look and feel is.

For example, for a social media video, typically they are relatively short, catchy and very dynamic. You want the viewer to quickly click and learn more. Might you want to make it more quirky to catch attention?

For a website explainer, you have a lot of options; and you can get away with having a slightly longer video that goes more into depth.

For this kind of video, it would be worth having fully illustrated scenes or a strong concept; otherwise, the first impression can be slightly lacking. Don’t worry! We solve these problems and create compelling animation ideas everyday.

You may also want a series that showcases an entire product or service range, with a series of videos that are the same style.

If it’s for a specific marketing campaign or tender, we can also design the video to go with that, rather than your general corporate ID.


Every animation we create is made bespoke – we do not use templates – so it will exactly reflect your corporate identity if you want it to, but it can also be a new step forward into something new if you’d like. 

Our designers work in a variety of contemporary illustration and design styles for animation and can adapt to suit your brand and company tone of voice. 

We have a strong production methodology where we collaborate at every stage.

We start with a rough thumbnail drawing, which we develop into a more detailed storyboard sketch, then into fully realised and coloured style frames, then we design a complete illustrated storyboard, and only then do we animate.

You can see a lot goes into it!

We have masses of in house skills and experience to produce animated video that fits perfectly with your message and ambitious goals.

Not only do we focus on the look and visual flow of the animation, but we also work with top voiceover artists (with a variety of accents and languages available). In addition, we use high-end music and sound design to help the audience feel fully immersed.

You can also see our video portfolio page for a full range of video and animated production styles.

Illustrated Storyboard Design

Example of an illustrated storyboard


Recently we’ve created animated videos with; Urbact, CACI, Dell, Boeing, Co-Op, Anglian Water, Easyjet, Blue Prism, Boeing, Money Supermarket, Pearson, Roche, O2, and many more.


Whatever kind of animated video production you need, we’d love to help you.

Get in touch for a custom quote

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Generally, we would schedule 8-10 weeks for an animated video. It often depends on the length of the video, a shorter video is often quicker to produce.

Part of what takes time is our approval stages, as we like to include the client throughout the project, and we find it’s well worth any extra time taken.

It means at the end there are no hidden surprises or big amends stages leading to frustrations and being nervous about hitting the deadline. You’ve seen the progress throughout, and now you’re thrilled with the final video.

The complexity of the video also takes time, high-end illustrations or character animation simply just take longer.

We can tighten these timescales a little if needed – so get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Usually, shorter is always better! We generally find that you can say a lot in 2 minutes without becoming boring or losing the audience.

For marketing purposes, you want to be as concise as possible. You can go up to 3 minutes, but drop off rates tend to increase a lot after that.

For a really engaging and compelling animated story, around 1 minute (or less) can be very powerful and punchy.

This depends on you. We do have approval stages, at script, written treatment, illustrated storyboard, animatic and animation.

We like to keep the client involved, and if you have loads of ideas, we definitely want to hear them, we can incorporate them in the script and written treatment! The written treatment leads the whole video, what is written, is designed, and then animated.

If you don’t have any suggestions, that’s fine, you can leave it up to us. We can conceptualise the full video for you, and do the written treatment here.

There a lot of variables when it comes to an animated video. Often, A key factor is length, a shorter video is generally quicker to make.

The complexity can also affect the cost, if you want high-end illustration motion graphics style, to add realism, that simply takes longer to do.

Likewise, including character animation can be very effective, but takes more time.

In general, the cost would be £1.5k GBP minimum

This is not set in stone, but in general

2D Icon Video

These are usually fairly simple line drawing based animations. Basic and they do the job in a straight forward way. It’s often what a company does for their first video when they’re dipping their toes.

Explainer Video

This is what I would consider to be one of the most popular styles. It goes further than an icon video and would include full illustrations in the scenes. Or At least more considered compositions.  It can include characters too, adding a human edge.


This is an animated caption only style video with no voiceover. The key is a strong design composition and a good music track to animate to. It can be quite bold and effective.

Hand-drawn style

If you have strong consumer based brand, using an organic hand-drawn style illustrated video can really work well. This style helps to gain empathy and look friendly.

Highly conceptual

This is where you don’t use characters to tell the story, it is done through shape and form instead. These videos are super dynamic and quite powerful and spectacular to watch

We are very versatile. By default, you can pick any regional UK accent, male or female. But we also offer the USA, and other English speaking accents.

We’re also very familiar with producing foreign language videos. We can completely naturalise it, changing the voiceover and any animated captions.  We’ve done this lately with Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek and way more.

Just let us know in advance, as it’s good to accommodate for this in the design stage.

But we can also do simple subtitles in most languages too.

We’re Harry and Victoria, and a close-knit crew based in Wigan, UK, but working worldwide. We’ve been making animations for over 10 years – it’s what we love to do and hopefully, it shows in our samples.


Please drop us a line If you have a project in mind and would like a quote, or just want to have a chat about what's possible. We'll get right back to you.

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