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As a long-established video production company, we provide a complete professional social media video production service to help you level up your online content.

We work with businesses and charitable organisations all over the UK and beyond to create engaging videos for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Our rich experience and up-to-date industry knowledge of trends mean we know what works best for which platforms and how to increase engagement. We collaborate with our clients to form concepts and ideas that will impact your target audience wherever they browse social media.

We produce videos efficiently with as much or as little input as you like, saving you time and effort.

Whether you’re planning a new launch and need a video campaign, or you’ve been disappointed with how your previous video content has performed in the past and need some professional help, we can help. Our small, close-knit specialist team of designers, creative thinkers and animators work with you to create custom impactful social media videos.

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Social Media Video Production

Video Services

Whatever you choose, we provide a completely bespoke social media video production service – no more of the same templates and poor quality stock art.


We can provide professional filming services all over the UK, with a crew on set, on location, capturing high-quality visual and audio, professional editing, colour grading and animated captions and branded graphics. For a truly professional look.


We provide an high end animated video production service with various design and animation styles for social media. From an effortless, bold design style or typography-based look to a more intricate, higher-end illustrative look.

UCG (User Generated Content)

If you already have a bank of self-shot content but are still trying to figure out what to do with it. We can also (most of the time!) work wonders with your images and videos. You supply us with your raw content, and we work together to weave a story with impact and beautify the photos and videos with post-production and graphics.

A flexible video solution

Platform-Specific Strategies

Instagram Video

Instagram’s visual focus gives it an edge over static content, with videos gaining higher engagement rates than photos. The platform’s algorithm gives priority to videos in users’ feeds, making it a powerful tool for expanding brand visibility and reaching potential customers. Instagram is particularly useful for targeting younger audiences, such as millennials and Gen Z, who prefer video content. With flexible video formats like Stories, Live, and Reels, it’s easy to diversify your content strategy and keep your followers engaged.

Facebook Video

Facebook’s algorithm now favours video content, extending your reach to a broader audience. Video posts get higher engagement compared to text or image. Facebook’s robust advertising tools enable precise audience targeting, ensuring your video ads reach the right viewers. Given Facebook’s mobile-centric usage, video content is well-suited for the platform’s users.

Linkedin Video

LinkedIn videos enjoy 3x higher engagement, making them a hit among B2B audiences. LinkedIn video storytelling helps create a personal connection with your audience, humanising your brand to help gain empathy and show them the people behind the scenes. This platform allows marketers to share brand narratives, products, and services memorably and engagingly.



Diverse Video Formats

Sometimes, you need a horizontal video for your desktop audiences and meetings, like a business explainer video. However, you may want a shorter, more succinct vertical version for social media. We have it covered; we can redesign and lay out the video or animation to suit your needs, shortening it and making it square or vertical – without it looking like an afterthought. 


We often take a 2-3 minute longer explainer or brand video and work with you to condense it to just 1 minute and in a vertical format, making your video and budget work harder and ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your audience’s feeds. 


Simply displaying a more extended website horizontal video on many social media platforms won’t work; you’re missing out on key engagement from the audience by allowing them to scroll past so quickly, with text and visuals that may be challenging to see properly being much smaller. 


We have total flexibility for a filmed, perhaps a longer case study video. We can make a series of shorter 15-second snippets from the key interview points – the most impactful or emotive statements. Perfect for socials, we can do this vertical or square – whichever you prefer. 

A rigorous methodology
where you're involved at every stage

Our social media video production process

Our social media videos go through the same methodology as the rest of our regular video productions to ensure that they are high concept and high impact and that you have your say throughout the project. We operate a fast track schedule with social media content, so we speed up the timeline to suit you. 


Script & Planning

First, we look at the platform(s), the existing content, and the target audience.

We plan the content, whether it’s 1 video or a video series, what is the right tone, and what content we need to post? Will it fit into 1 video, or is it best to split it up? 

We find answers to these important questions, then our experienced script writers write the content carefully to craft a short, concise, compelling story. 


Written Treatment

From the approved script, we develop a detailed storyboard for the video (s); this is where we describe what we will want to see for each sentence or meaning – a written story of the video.


Style Frame Design

We develop 1-2 key scenes of the video in the intended style, complete illustration so that everyone is happy with the tone, colours and font usage. Ensuring it’s on brand and target


Storyboard Design

For our animated video productions and where we have UGC , we go onto illustrate the storyboard in full so you can envisage the video and see the entire flow before we animate. Even with a social media video, this stage is important to make sure it flows as you intend.



If it’s a filmed video then we head out to capture the action. Our professional and friendly crew capture sparkling videos and high quality audio all over the UK and beyond. 


Animation / Edit

This is where the video comes to life, we create the video and tie it all seamlessly together to create your story whether it’s one for a cohesive series. Providing a high end social video, complete with edit, music, voiceover, and post production. Ensuring it captures your audience’s attention. 


Final Amends and Delivery

Because of our collaborative process. Final amends and delivery is usually short and sweet. We also supply English captions for any voices as standard, free of charge for accessibility. 

Recent Social Video Productions

A bespoke social media video production service

Additional Social Media Assets

From our animations and video productions, we can also offer screenshots - which is an easy way to make the assets work harder. You're welcome to share these images on your socials and create further graphics

Cost-Effective Solutions

Social media video production costs can vary, but we aim to keep these as cost-efficient as possible. Generally, as a guide for 30 seconds, it starts at £350 GBP Ex VAT for the shortest basic-level UGC video.  We can give you a quick quote on enquiry!

Swift Turnaround

We know trends move quickly, and company news needs to get out fast, so we provide a quick turnaround time, usually between a few days to a week or so. Depending on the complexity of the video production. Tell us your deadline and we will work to it!

Subtitles for Accessibility

Inclusion is important to us, so we make sure that everyone can learn what the content is.

For all social media video content that is led by a voiceover or interview content, we supply English subtitles free of charge to ensure full accessibility in the event someone cannot hear or has the sound switched off.

Foreign language subtitles are also available on the quotation to reach more audiences worldwide or complete localisation, where all audio is replaced.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your social media strategy with professional video content. Contact us today for a quick chat and take the first step towards engaging, impactful content that sets you apart.

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Recently, we’ve created video productions for a huge variety of global brands and organisations including; Homeless Link, Liverpool Football Club,  Rimm Sustainability, OnSide, Delta Capita, and many more.

Whatever kind of video you need, we’d love to help you.

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