October 26, 2015

7 Ways to Film a Testimonial Video

dcinex - Compilation Video03Testimonial videos run the risk of being dull.

It’s too easy to have a static camera, capturing one shot – of a static interviewee.

Resulting in a lifeless video that no one really wants to watch.

To tackle this issue, here’s a selection of different ways to spice up your testimonial videos:

On the go

If you film someone while they’re walking, it has a very dynamic effect and can bring great energy to a video.

Filming on the go also steers well away from from the stagnant, someone sitting on a chair in a small office, looking bored kind of video – that we’ve all seen a million times.

Static shots can be done well, but you see the same thing all the time – so why not try something new!

Multi camera

Using 2 cameras or more for your video shoot is becoming more and more common, and for a great reason!

Editing seamlessly between two different shots gives a much more interesting feel to the video – especially if they are quite contrasting.

For example a wide shot that shows the world behind them, then perhaps a close on on the face or the hands (if they move them a lot) Then the final video uses a mixture of both these angles.

It also has another benefit, the video editor can easily remove sections that don’t sound as good. For example if the interviewee rambles a little bit, or has a long pause – cutting this out and switching the the new shot keeps the overall flow of the video very smooth.

Green screen

Why not try standing your customer in front of a green screen whilst filming. This is means that instead of a natural environment, you can add graphics behind.

This is great if you want to have a more ‘technological’ feeling approach, and want to include lots of support from charts or data.

Or with green screen video you can also include lots of captioning, which helps to reinforce their statements.

In their environment

If you film your customer at their offices or workplace – it’ll help them feel more at home, as they’re in their own surroundings. Which can make their testimonial sound better, as they’re not as nervous.

This is especially good, if their office or shop environment is quite typical of your customers, as it’ll be even more relatable to watch for the audience.

7 Ways to Film a Testimonial Video

At your premises

Filming the interview at your places of work can work out really nicely. But really only this if this is a typical scenario – ie customers often visit your work.

Filming there can show the interaction between you and your customer, and helps the viewer to imagine themselves in this harmonious working relationship.

Lots of B Roll

If the person on camera is a bit shy, then B roll is your best friend. B Roll is simply footage that appears over the top of the person talking.

So you continue to hear the voice – but instead of seeing their face the whole time, you cut to shots of them working, them interacting with colleagues, etc.

Usually these are related shots, like the person working or carrying out an action that’s relevant to what they are saying.

B roll footage is really helpful for putting the whole testimonial into context.

dcinex - Compilation Video06

Film a few people

If you film 3-4 people and have video that includes a combination of all – it creates excitement.

And it also gives the impression that everyone is already on board! So if you have a number of happy customers – you can fillm individual testimonials, then make a combination video.

Above all – try and keep testimonial video shooting natural, and unrehearsed!

Obviously you want positive statements, delivered as best as possible, but rehearsing can come across false and a bit stifled.

Hopefully, you can use one or more of these tips in your next Testimonial Video.

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