5 Considerations for your Animated Technology Video

Animated video for technology companies is absolutely booming right now. These short explainer videos are such an easy way to say what is often a pretty complex or new service in an easily digestible form. So we can see why it’s popular. 

We’ve recently worked on many Fintech, software, App, AI and automation, SaS, and medical technology animated videos. So we’re giving you a little insight into common pitfalls that we come across to help give you a head start when thinking about an animated video for your tech company. 

There are some ideas to consider that will help your brand video stand out against the noise, and make sure you communicate effectively and clearly to your target audience.

1 Benefits not features

The script is the primary driver of any video, including animation. And simply listing your software or technology features in the script won’t help. Generally; they aren’t why people buy. It’s what it does for them. 

Does it save them time? Does it save cost? What does it free up people to do? How does this technology make their life easier? What is a like working with you? This kind of content is what the script needs to tell.

Listing the features doesn’t belong in a technology explainer video. They’re for people who want to drill down into the details later – as a secondary selling tool. Preferably with a captive audience or when you’re showcasing a demo in a meeting.

2 Keep the language less formal

Language is down to scripting again. When we see draft ideas for a script or we’re given promotional materials to use, the language is often overly complex with long sentences and is rather formal. This is really common. 

This approach works well for written materials, but since generally, video is heard out loud, it comes across entirely differently and isn’t as well-received. Think of the video a bit more like a conversation.

If you have a complex product offering, don’t use business jargon language and lengthy sentences; you need to explain it quickly and clearly. 

This doesn’t mean dumbing down, but being concise, avoiding passive language, avoiding too much repetition. 

As tech is always changing and growing, you probably find the business quite exciting and revolutionary to work in (I hope!). So, if we can convey that excitement, the audience will feel it. 

You can be creative with language, be funny, use visual metaphors, and keep the language more casual, it is spoken word, after all. It’ll be more relating to the audience and quicker to digest if they’re only half watching /listening (which is often the case!).

Explainer video with quite a relaxed, informal voiceover leading the story
Video by Digital Finch

3 Avoid screenshots

You can be creative with the visuals and save the software screens for an online demo. The purpose of a general brand or product explainer video is to get them to enquire or want to learn more.

A demo is a separate video (or presentation) where buyers are already interested in learning more. For an introductory video like an animated explainer, where they see it on your website or social media and maybe don’t know a lot more about you, they just need to know it’ll work for them.

Sometimes, we create a simplified UI mockup in designing animated videos if there is a particularly great aspect to the technology. Something showstopping or so simple and effective to use. put animated screenshots to good use, as they’ve invested heavily in a fantastic UI, but this often isn’t the case.

In that case, we often redraw the software, simplify the screen where needed, and then animate a short sequence, showing it in a shortened and easy to understand way.

Explainer video promoting the G-Suite from Google – Ui is shown minimally and has been simplified and animation to add dynamism.  
Video by Coat of Arms

Though, often a UI mockup is not needed. As I’ve just mentioned, you’re more describing the benefits and how it affects their company and lives, not how it works.

In terms of visuals, trust the studio you’ve hired to come up with bespoke visuals compelling and match the story. Hopefully, their portfolio and expertise have shown you you can trust them, so let them do the hard work or art direction.

You can go quite conceptual and futuristic or very heartwarming and relatable if you want. The visuals needn’t be all ‘techy’ and corporate, and they needn’t be yet another icon led video in shades of blue (I see this sooooo much!

This example is a video for a no-code website development tool. In a highly / futuristic conceptual style  
Video by Ordinary Folk

4 Keep it short

Try and explain your technology offering in 2 mins or under, often 90s a great sweet spot.

A longer video can be cut down for social sharing if you want multiple versions.

Then the engaged audience gets an entire piece, and someone browsing or scrolling will get just the snippet they need to click through and find out more.

If you want a shorter social media or paid advert version, consider create a separate version condensed to 15-30s max. So it’s very dynamic and captivating and gets to the point quickly. Generally, we recommend not to try and use the long-form one.

Making the video more concise will also often bring the cost down (due to shorter length) and means the audience will be more likely to reach the end.

Example of Animated Technology video with a concise message, under 1 minute
Video by Digital Finch

5 Add a human touch with characters

Using character animation in a marketing video can give the video a real boost and make it stand out. When you can visually show a user reaping the rewards, it humanises the video and can create empathy. Generating emotion will help the viewer already feel like you know their pain point, and you want to help them.

When selling or thinking about tech, it’s easy to think of highly conceptual/corporate visuals, but the people who are buying and who will benefit are people, after all. So including people can help the video to be more relatable.

Including custom-drawn friendly characters who your audience will relate to and telling the story through their journey is a great idea.

So there are just some quick ideas to think about. If you are looking for an animated video for your technology company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Example of Visual Recognition technology video with characters
Video by Lunamik Studio


Here are just 5 of the most important considerations a tech company should make when creating an animated explainer video. We’ve highlighted common pitfalls and tips, including the importance of focusing on benefits rather than features, keeping the language more informal and using creative language, avoiding screenshots and focusing on cool visuals, and keeping the video short to improve viewer engagement and reduce costs. Lastly, trusting the expertise of the video production studio you’ve hired to create the video is also essential.

So there are just some quick ideas to think about. If you’re looking for a marketing or explainer video for your technology company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. To see some examples of our animated explainer videos, head to the portfolio