11 Best Blogs To Follow About Marketing

If you’re a Marketer, and you want to stay on top of the latest techniques and learn best practice – here are some great, well written, frequently updated and informative blogs.

Here, I’ve given a mixture of theory and practical ideas covering a wide of different areas within marketing.


Hubspot is a good allrounder for Marketers – they post at least once per day!

Really practical advice for all levels of knowledge.


This blog is great for Social Media Marketing posts. They regularly post a mixture of case studies, tools and trends.

Buffer website resources

Neil Patel – quick sprout

This guy knows it all. the blog is full of really in-depth informative posts about web marketing, content marketing, SEO and getting your website seen.


This blog is more about the SEO side of things – which is equally important when we’re talking about business online. Moz is the go-to people for SEO advice.


This blog focuses on Video Marketing – very insightful and great for the video production niche. They cover all aspects of making video, sharing it and measuring its performance.


The Adobe Digital Marketing blog is quite varied – and focuses on visual and content marketing. A good combination of marketing, and design and usability.

Adobe Digital Transformation blog

Marketing Donut

A nice concise marketing blog with good key takeaways and easy to follow advice.

Think With Google

Showing studies on interaction with website and user insights. Great data to have when planning your own strategy.

Content Marketing Institute

Does what it says on the tin – they are all about Content Marketing. A huge amount of resources for those interested in delving into Content Marketing.


Another good all-rounder, but quite different – and very much data and statistics based. It also covers e-commerce well.

Tubular Labs

Another highly established Video marketing blog – but often more about Marketing with Youtube. And more recently covering video and social media.

Hopefully, this should give you a good pile of business marketing reading material. 
If you have a blog that you like to keep up with, that I’ve not included here, please let me know!