March 6, 2017

12 Stunning Examples of Animation for a Good Cause

The use of animation or motion graphics is an excellent tool in documentary-style videos, or those with a strong message to tell.

Animated video enables us to show and explain sensitive subjects, without filming and putting anyone vulnerable at risk at being shown.

This is quite often the case with videos produced for a charity. They can be tough to film because of the strong content of the video, or because of geographical / legal restrictions.

Animation gets over this hurdle and can explain complex and challenging concepts easily, simplifying them for a global audience to comprehend and want to take action. And shown below, you can still tell a strong heartfelt message with just moving images.

Here’s a round-up of some of the best recent animations for causes and charities, highlighting some of the significant issues to be addressed worldwide.

100 Years of Planned Parenthood

Kirsten Lepore

The New Promised Land. Chapter 1


Why Water


Pathway Through Care

Wonderlust | Anchor Point Animation

An Introduction to Climate Change

Taylor Cox

Trapped with Abuse - End Male Guardianship in Saudi Arabia

Anchor Point Animation

WWF | Water Stewardship

Nice and Serious

Unicef: Unfairy Tales


Don’t be a bully, loser.

Emanuele Colombo

USAID Conference - Amazon Rainforest

Ignacio Florez & Adriana Ogarrio

Health Systems Leapfrogging In Emerging Economies

Lonelyleap Ltd

Greenpeace ‘Ecosystem’

Georgetown Post

You can see that although there are similarities between the videos, there are many different ways to approach this kind of heavy-hitting animation.

A more hand-drawn or handcrafted approach can bring motion graphics video away from a very corporate look, which often isn’t appropriate or relatable for videos for a cause. It creates more emotion and empathy, giving the video a more filmic feel. 

Video design and art direction are quite important here. Using a voiceover from someone directly involved (where possible) can also invoke a lot of emotion in the story and boost the message instead of a corporate professional.

There are so many options for animated video for charity and non-profits. It all depends on the content, and who you’re aiming to watch it.

If you’re a charity, or you want us to tell your message for a good cause with animation, we’d love to help you. You can read more about our Charity Video Production Services here.

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